Location: Ashby-de-la-Zouch | Website: n/a

Line Up
Andy Rotherham (v)
Andy Richards (g,b)
Steve Peach (d)

Kevin Pipes (b)
Dave Price (b)

– Formed in 1981 under the name Savage Dogs.
– Burner also released 2 demos, one with the two tracks of the first single below and the other with the other three songs of the second single. Some copies of these demos were sold to gigs with DIY covers

BURNER - Savage Killer


Savage Killer

7″ Zerlinda Records (2002) GROT1

1. Savage Killer
2. Lay Down Your Arms

*Recordings from 1982. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies



BURNER - Hammer Of The Gods


Hammer Of The Gods

7″ High Roller Records (2007) HRR 013

1. Hammer Of The Gods
2. Time Is On My Side
3. Old Enough To Know Better

*Recordings from 1984. Limited to 500 copies



BURNER - Resurrection



LP High Roller Records (2008) HRR 028
CD Heart Of Steel Records (2009) HOS 0912

1. Razor Wire Rock
2. Why Now?
3. Man Or Machine
4. Calm Before the Storm
5. Midway
6. Burner
7. I Bleed Speed
8. Long Lost Friend
9. Standing On the Edge Of Forever
10. SK2 (Resurrection)
11. Savage Killer
12. Lay Down Your Arms
13. Hammer Of The Gods
14. Time Is On My Side
15. Old Enough To Know Better

*LP limited to 500 copies. Tracks 11-15 are bonus tracks from the two 7″ vinyls on the CD only. Apart from ‘Man Or Machine’ and ‘Long Lost Friend’ which are old songs but recorded in 2008 all the rest is new stuff composed after 2005 – still bloody great though!!