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Line Up
Paul Tiplady (v)
Mick Priestley (g)
Steve Wolf (b)
Chris Lea (d) – also in Sacred Alien and Monkey Gun

Krisa Webber (v) – also in Bad To The Bone
John Ralphs (v)
Frank Knight (v) – also in X-Wild
Rick Brent (g)
Richard Boyd (g)
Paul Kitchen (g)
Mick Bailey (g) – also in Egypt
Andrew Thomson (b)
Steve Yates (b)
Tom Reid (b)
Nigel Talbot (b) – also in School Girl Bitch and Oxym
Roger Colley (b)
Chris Thompson (d)
Phil Earnshaw (d)
Gary Taylor (d) – also in Streetfighter and Tank
Pete West (d)
Matt Tymon (d)
Bob Hargreaves (d)
DaveDugdale (d)
Paul Milek (d) – also in Streetfighter

– In the late 1970s, Buffalo toured with the Ian Gillan Band, Motorhead and Strife. In 1982 they toured with Demon. Generally they shared the stage with many famous and not-so-famous other bands of the day.
– Appeared in the milestone compilations “Heavy Metal Heroes” (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 1981) with the track ‘Cold As Night’ and in “New Electric Warriors” (LP, Logo Records, 1980) with ‘Battle Torn Heroes’

BUFFALO - Battle Torn Heroes


Battle Torn Heroes

7″ Heavy Metal Records (1981) HEAVY 3

1. Battle Torn Heroes
2. Women Of The Night

*Recorded at Cargo Sound Studios, Rochdale, Lancashire



BUFFALO - Mean Machine


Mean Machine

7″ Heavy Metal Records (1982) HEAVY 15

1. Mean Machine
2. The Rumour





Demo 1983

1. Detroit Motor City
2. Take It to The Limit
3. Backs To The Wall
4. Gimme Some Lovin’
5. In The Flesh

*Recorded at Park Lane Studios, Blackpool

Demo 1992

1. Night Run
2. Water Into Wine
3. If Love Is A Crime
4. Don’t Back Down
5. So Long
6. Bad Bad Bad
7. Witches Dance
8. River Of Life
9. Mother
10. On Your Knees
11. Once Bitten
12. Sadistic Sally
13. Running Wild

Demo 1995

1. Nobody’s Fool
2. Why In Hell

*The track ‘Why In Hell’ was featured in the compilation “Mind Over Metal” (Vivid Records, 1995). Buffalo also did a self-financed video for this song which was aired on the British TV show “Noisy Mothers”

BUFFALO - Demo 1999


Demo 1999

CD-R self released (1999)

1. The Other Side of You
2. If Love Is A Crime
3. One Sided Story
4. Nobody’s Fool
5. Once Bitten
6. Don’t Back Down
7. She’s Got No Heart
8. Mother
9. Night Run
10. Why in Hell
11. Bad Whiskey

*A few new tracks, the 1995 demo and some re-recordings from the 1992 demo

BUFFALO - Best of Buffalo


Best of Buffalo

CD self released (1999)

1. The Other Side of You
2. Why in Hell?
3. If Love Is a Crime
4. Don’t Back Down
5. Once Bitten
6. Nobody’s Fool
7. Night Run
8. Bad Whiskey
9. Cold as Night
10. Battle Torn Heroes
11. Women of the Night
12. Mean Machine
13. The Rumor
14. Wytches Dance
15. Water Into Wine
16. Plastic Companion

BUFFALO - Ride The Beast


Ride The Beast

CD Karthago Records (2006) KR021

1. She’s Got No Heart
2. Backs To The Wall
3. Lady Jane
4. In The Flesh
5. Mother
6. Rock Circus
7. Stacato
8. Take It To The Limit
9. The Answer
10. The Other Side Of You
11. If Love Is A Crime
12. Don’t Back Down
13. Once Bitten
14. Nobodys Fool
15. Mean Machine
16. Why In Hell? (Video)

BUFFALO - Bones Of The Beast

Bones Of The Beast

LP High Roller Records (2006) HRR 009

1. Why In Hell
2. Backs To The Wall
3. Detroit Motor City
4. Gimme Some Lovin
5. Ezy
6. Night Run
7. Bad Bad Bad
8. River Of Life
9. So Long
10. On Her Knees

*Limited to 500 copies