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Line Up
Tim Cooke (v)
Richard Mattews (g)
Phil McDermott (g) – also in Straps
Julian ‘Sack’ Sackett (b)
Andy Terry (d)

– Formed in 1983 and initially called Isis. The idea of the name change came from Ebony Records. The name Blackmayne is inspired from Conan the Barbarian: one of his many enemies referred to him as the ‘dangerous Black mane’ owing to his hair.
– Blackmayne reunited in 2012 playing festivals & gigs as well as recording new tracks for at least one album!

BLACKMAYNE - Blackmayne

LP Cover

BLACKMAYNE - Blackmayne CD

CD cover


LP Criminal Response (1985) CDP 4
LP Eat Metal Records (2018) EAT METAL 031
CD Eat Metal Records (2016) E.M.R. 049

1. Twilight Of Lear
2. Follow The Leader
3. Blackmayne
4. Law Of Love
5. Counterpoint
6. Hot Blooded Woman
7. Man Overboard
8. Altered States
9. Lionheart
10. Vanishing Point
11. Chosen Few

*Tracks 9-10 on the CD only. These are new tracks recorded in 2016
*CD limited to 500 copies
*LP by Eat Metal Records limited to 350 copies: 250 in Black and 100 in Red vinyl

BLACKMAYNE - Spat From Hell


Spat From Hell

CD Flicknife Records (2019) SHARPCD19109

1. Don’t Envy The Dead
2. Legions
3. Wolf Pack
4. Dead Or Alive
5. Tale Of Two Cities
6. Sad
7. The Mighty Rose
8. Spat From Hell
9. Hot Blooded Woman
10. Twilight Of Lear 2017
11. Don’t Envy The Dead’ (Radio Edit)

*Track 11 on Download version only)