Black Rose

Black Rose

Location: Saltburn | Website: facebook 

Line Up
Steve Bardsley (v,g)
Kenny Nicholson (g) – also in Millenium, Hammer, Holland, Fast Kutz and Outrageous Wallpaper
Andy Reeve (g)
Kiko Rivers (b)
Barry Youll (d)

Chris Watson (g) (1981-1984, 2003-2010)
Ian Iredale (g) (1984-1986)
Gary Todd (g,k) (1985-1989)
Pat O’Neill (g) (1986-1989) – also in Lies of Smiles
Davey Patterson (g) (1989)
Mick Thompson (b) (1982-1989) – also in Omen UK
Marty Rajn (b) (1980-1982) – also in Chinatown
Charlie McKenzie (d) (1980-1981) – also in Emerson and Samson
Mark Eason (d) (1980)
Mal Smith (d) (1981-1986, 2003-2010)
Paul Fowler (d) (1989) – also in Fast Kutz

– Their history goes back to 1976 when Steve Bardsley along with school mates Marty Rajn and Mark Eason decided to form Ice. They played their first gig in August 1977 at a church hall in Saltburn
– In 1982 Black Rose appeared on the North East Tyne Tees TV show ‘Check It Out’ playing ‘No Point Runnin’
– The major reason why the band didn’t break into the US market despite the appropriate material, the raving reviews and the interest from K-Tel was the legal action from a US band with the same name.
– Notable compilations featuring Black Rose:
Roxcalibur” (LP, Guardian, 1982) with the tracks ‘No Point Runnin’’ and ‘Ridin’ Higher’. Also on CD by British Steel (1998)
Lightnin’ To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” (3CD,Sanctuary, 2005) with ‘Knocked Out’

Demo 1981

1. Alright On The Night
2. Biker
3. Ready, Aim, Fire
4. Killer
5. Loveshock
6. Raising Hell

*The band sent the demo to magazines and radio stations and as a result the track ‘Killer’ got into Bailey Bros. Top 10 playlist

BLACK ROSE - No Point Runnin


No Point Runnin’

7″ Teesbeat (1982) TB5

1. No Point Runnin’
2. Sucker for Your Love

*Recorded at Teesbeat recording studios in Stockton-on-Tees. Limited to 500 copies





One Take No Dubs

12″ Neat Records (1982) NEAT 25

1. Alien – Could Have Done Better
2. Avenger – Hot ‘n’ Heavy Express
3. Black Rose – Knocked Out
4. Hellanbach – All Systems Go (Full Scale Emergency)

* 4-way split live in the studio


Demo 1983

1. Knocked Out
2. Love On The Line
3. Dead And Buried
4. Red Light Lady

BLACK ROSE - We're Gonna Rock You


We’re Gonna Rock You

12″ EP Bullet Records (1983) BOLT 6

1. We’re Gonna Rock You
2. Used & Abused
3. Red Light Lady
4. Stand Your Ground




BLACK ROSE - Boys Will Be Boys single


Boys Will Be Boys

7″ Bullet Records (1984) BOL 9

1. Boys Will Be Boys
2. Liar

*Some copies came with a patch




BLACK ROSE - Boys Will Be Boys

Bullet Records cover

BLACK ROSE - Boys Will Be Boys CD cover

Blood & Iron and Dyamond Roxx/ProgAOR cover

Boys Will Be Boys

LP Bullet Records (1984) BULP 3
CD Bullet Records (????) BUCD 3
CD Blood & Iron (2016) IRON042
CD Dyamond Roxx/ProgAOR (2019) DR08

1. Boys Will Be Boys
2. We’re Gonna Be Your Lover
3. Just Wanna Be Your Lover
4. Baby Believe Me
5. No Point Runnin’
6. Fun And Games
7. First Light
8. Burn Me Blind
9. Stand Your Ground
10. Knocked Out

*CD by Blood & Iron limited to 500 copies. This CD as well as the 2019 re-issue by Dyamond Roxx/ProgAOR have different cover, almost identical to the Boys Will Be Boys 7″ and include the following bonus tracks:
11. Liar
12. We’re Gonna Rock You
13. Used & Abused
14. Red Light Lady
15. Stand Your Ground

BLACK ROSE - Nightmare



12″ EP Neat Records (1985) NEAT 48-12

1. Nightmare
2. Need A Lot Of Lovin’
3. Rock Me Hard
4. Breakaway



BLACK ROSE - Walk It How You Talk It
Walk It How You Talk It

LP Neat Records (1987) NEAT 1034
LP K-Tel / Ajk (1987) TU 188-1 (USA)
CASSETEE Neat Records / K-Tel (1987) TU 188-4
CD Qwil (1987) TU 188-2 (USA)
CD Fool’S Union (1987) CDFOOL 2060
CD + DVD Blood & Iron (2018) IRON048
CD + DVD Lost Realm Records (2022) REALM078CD

1. California U.S.A.
2. E.Z.L.Y.
3. Don’t Fall In Love
4. Bright Lights Burnin’
5. Walk It How You Talk It
6. Shout It Out
7. Honestly Love You
8. Party Animal
9. Want Your Love

*At least two bootleg CDs are known to exist

*K-Tel invested into re-producing, re-packaging and releasing the album in the US market but everything folded after legal action taken from another band with the same name. Some copies of the aforementioned US editions (LP and CD) do exist and are very hard to find. These editions have the same tracklist but songs are in a different order.

*Two different Cassettes in existance. Both under the same label, with the same catalogue number and the same barcode. The only difference appears to be the color of the actual cassette: One is white and the other is clear

*CD + DVD 30th Anniversary Edition by Blood and Iron as well as the 2022 re-release from Lost Realm includes as bonus the four tracks of the 1985 EP Nightmare and a DVD with a live performance from the mid 80s

BLACK ROSE - Shout It Out


Shout It Out

12″ EP K-Tel / Ajk (1988) NU-188-6

1. Shout It Out
2. Shout It Out

*Die-cut sleeve, promotional copy




Demo 1989

1. Walk Like A Woman
2. Come And Stay The Night
3. Go, Go, Go (Down to the City)

BLACK ROSE - Live At Middlesbrough Town Hall DVD


LIVE At The Middlesbrough Town Hall

DVD-R self released (2004)

*Recorded in 1987. DVD-R format was available directly from the band






BLACK ROSE - Bright Lights Burnin'


Bright Lights Burnin’

CD Majestic Rock Records (2005) MAJCD068

1. No Point Runnin’
2. Sucker For Your Love
3. Red Light Lady
4. We’re Gonna Rock You
5. Boys Will Be Boys
6. Stand Your Ground
7. Fun & Games
8. Baby Believe Me
9. Party Animal
10. California USA
11. E.Z.L.Y.
12. Walk It How You Talk It
13. Wanted
14. Bright Lights Burnin’
15. Want Your Love

*Complilation featuring remastered material

BLACK ROSE - Cure for Your Disease


Cure For Your Disease

CD Metalizer Records (2012) MERE 014

1. Cure For Your Disease
2. Sign Of The Times
3. Twice Shy Once Bitten
4. Fight For Your Life
5. Doghouse
6. Baby Believe Me
7. Love Addiction
8. Killing Yourself To Live
9. Got Me Where You Want Me
10. Rock Renegades
11. Take It Easy
12. So Predictable

BLACK ROSE - The Early Years & More Remastered


The Early Years & More Remastered

CD Hellion Records (2012) HE 610612

1. No Point Runnin’
2. Sucker For Your Love
3. Riding Higher
4. Knocked Out
5. We’re Gonna Rock You
6. Red Light Lady
7. Used And Abused
8. Boys Will Be Boys
9. Just Wanna Be Your Lover
10. Burn Me Blind
11. Stand Your Ground
12. Liar
13. Nightmare
14. Take It Easy
15. Twice Shy Once Bitten
16. Fight For Your Love
17. Got Me Where You Want Me
18. Love Addiction

BLACK ROSE - Loveshock



CD High Roller Records (2012) HHR 241 CD
LP + 7″ High Roller Records (2012) HHR 241

1. Alright On The Night (Demo 1981)
2. Biker (Demo 1981)
3. Ready, Aim, Fire (Demo 1981)
4. Killer (Demo 1981)
5. Love Shock (Demo 1981)
6. Raising Hell (Demo 1981)
7. Knocked Out
8. Ridin’ Higher
9. Red Light Lady
10. Love On The Line (Demo 1983)
11. Dead And Buried (Demo 1983)

1. No Point Running’
2. Sucker For Your Love

*Vinyl version limited to 500 copies. 350 in black vinyl and 150 in red. The demo tracks are officially available to the public for the first time in this compilation




CD Pure Steel Records (2022) PSRC246

1. Crazy Mental Bad
2. Devils Candy
3. WTF
4. Pain
5. Innocence
6. Detonator
7. Under My Skin
8. Twist The Knife
9. Tattoos & Lipstick
10. Never Take Me Alive
11. Broken
12. Armageddon