Bashful Alley

Bashful Alley

Location: Lichfield | Website: myspace

Line Up
Rob Tidd (v,g) – also in Dollface
Tony Jones (g)
Ian Threlfall (b)
Robin Baxter (d)

Dave Slamen (v) – also in Riff Raff
Ian Brown (d)

– Bashful Alley were formed at Lancaster University where they played several times in the early 1980s.
– Bashful Alley is actually a street in Lancaster
– Rod Tidd with his 1990s band Dollface supported Girlschool for a couple of times. He also worked as their roadie on occasion and played lead guitar on one of their demos.

It’s So Big You Gotta Grin To Get It In

CASSETTE EP Self-released (1980)

1. Nicotine Kiss
2. She Only Wants Me for My Body
3. Running Blind

Demo 1981

1. My, My, My
2. Running Blind
3. She Only Wants Me for My Body

BASHFUL ALLEY - Running Blind


Running Blind

7″ Ellie Jay (1982) BA001
7″ Graffiti Records (1982) BA 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7011

1. Running Blind
2. My, My, My

*The Ellie Jay pressing is limited to 500 copies with xeroxed cover. It was cut and glued by the band. Some covers have yellow and some white background color. The Graffiti Records pressing is limited to 1000 copies, has the same design and has been properly printed and glued.
*The Phoenix Records 7″ is a bootleg limited to 250 handnumbered copies

Demo 1982
1. Rescue Me
2. Light It Up

Demo 1983
1. Why Can’t You See?
2. It’s About Time


High Vaultage CD cover


High Roller cover


It’s About Time

CD High Vaultage Records (2005) RB-1004
2CD High Roller Records (2018) HRR 062 CD
LP High Roller Records (2009) HRR062
LP High Roller Records (2018) HRR062

1. Running Blind (7″ single)
2. My, My, My (7″ single)
3. She Only Wants Me for My Body (Demo 1981)
4. Rescue Me (Demo 1982)
5. Light it Up (Demo 1982)
6. Why Can’t You See? (Demo 1983)
7. It’s About Time (Demo 1983)
8. Nicotine Kiss (Cassette EP 1980)
9. She Only Wants Me for My Body (Cassette EP 1980)
10. Running Blind (Cassette EP 1980)

*Everything Bashful Alley ever recorded in the studio
*The 2009 LP pressing is limited to 550 copies: 100 on white vinyl, 200 on black vinyl and 250 on black/white blend vinyl
*2018 LP re-release limited to 200 copies in Grey vinyl with the same catalogue number
*Second disc on the 2CD by High Roller includes their 2014 Brofest live appearance and has the following tracklist:

1. Nicotine Kiss
2. It’s About Time
3. Rescue Me
4. Double Cross
5. Light It Up
6. My My My
7. The Last Supper
8. Running Blind
9. She Only Wants Me For My Body