Badger (2)


Location: Rossendale | Website: facebook

Line Up
Gian Rothwell (v,b) (1980-present)
Oliver Jones (g) (2007-present)
Laurence ‘Loz’ McDowell (d) (1998-present) – also in Deep Fried and Riff Raff

Steven Killingbeck (v) (1980-1986)
Russel Cooke (g) (1982-1984)
Nigel Holt (g) (1980)
Paul Morton (g) (1980-1981)
Colin Hesketh (g) (1982-1983) – also in Firefly
Darryl Flagg (g) (1981-1986, 1989-1990)
Warren Taylor (g) (1990-2007)
Anthony Saunders (b) (1980)
Johnny Jackson (d) (1982-1983) – also in Firefly
Phil Taylor (d) (1984-1986)
John Baillie (d) (1980-1984, 1988-1994)
Neil Duckworth (d) (1994-1996)
Simon Rothschild (d) (1996-1998)

– Not to be confused with Badger from Wales.
– Featured on the compilation LP “Metal Plated” (Ebony Records, 1983) with ‘The Traveller’
– Mainman Gian Rothwell never actually ended the band, but through several line-up changes since 1980 kept a low profile playing local and charity gigs from time to time
– Many thanks to Zygmunt Zot and his facebook page for all the help with Badger!

Badger - Meat And Two Veg


Demo 1992

1. Every Time
2. The Traveller
3. Demon Rider
4. Glory
5. Great Balls of Fire
6. The Spanish Inquisition


Badger - Live Mistakes An' All!Live Mistakes An’ All!

CD-r self-released (2011)

1. Ranking The Lawn
2. The Your Mother Down
3. White Wedding
4. Teen Spirit
5. Ace Of Spades
6. The Boys Are Back In Town/Don’t Believe A Word
7. Rockin’ In The Free
8. All The Small Things
9. Seek And Destroy
10. 22 Acacia Avenue
11. Whole Lotta Rosie
12. The Spanish Inquisition