Badger (1)


Location: Deeside | Website: n/a

Line Up
Badger Bell (v)
Davey Hoyle (g) – also in Dizzy Mama
Roy Baird (g,v) – also in Dizzy Mama
Mogga Moon (b) – also in Harvest Moon
Gary Jones (d)

Wayne Harrison (b) – also in Dizzy Mama
Alan Ellis (d) – also in Rock Socks, Kruizer, Peacemaker, Wolf, Black Heart Winter, Black Ice, and Q-DOS.

– Started under the name Noizegate. Changed to The Badger Bell Band and then to Badger
– Guitarist Wally Rumsey (Wolf and Kruizer) also played with Badger for about 6 months but he did not record anything with them
– Badger split up around 1990 with some of the members forming up Dizzy Mama a very popular band on the UK biker scene.



Rock the Vicar

7″ Noize Gate (1985) SETT 001

1. Rock the Vicar
2. Nothing Left

*Limited to 1000 copies. No picture sleeve



BADGER - Over the Wall


Over the Wall

7″ Noize Gate (1986) NG 02

1. Over the Wall
2. Faceless Gang
3. Runaway (Live)

*Limited to 1000 copies. Produced by Gordon Rowley (Nightwing)


BADGER BELL BAND - Faceless Gang


Faceless Gang

LP High Roller Records (2012) HRR 205
CD High Roller Records (2012) HRR 205 CD

1. Lost Out
2. Main Town
3. Rock the Vicar
4. Nothing Left
5. Over the Wall
6. Runaway
7. Faceless Gang

*CD limited to 500 copies
*LP limited to 500 copies too. 150 copies on white/black splatter vinyl and 350 on black vinyl
Tracks 1-2 recorded in 1980 as Noizegate.
Tracks 3-4 recorded in 1982 as Badger Bell Band.
Tracks 5-7 recorded in 1984 as Badger