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Line Up
Graham Waudby (v) (1980-current)
Florin Huluba (g) (2015 – current) – also in Abandon, Rabia, E.N.D. and Symbios Too
Baz Gregory (b) (2012 – current)
Ian “Twig” Johnson (d) (2012 – current)

Stuart Mclean (g) (1980-1981)
Tony Dixon (g) (1980 – 1981) (1988) (2013) (2017)
Tony Dean (g) (2013) (2017)
Mike Mahoney (g) (1982-1984) (1988) (2003)
Wayne Pearson (g) (2014-2015)
Florin Huluba (g) (2015-2016) – also in Abandon, Rabla, E.N.D. and Symbios Too
Mike Cooper (b) (1980-1981) – also in Blade Runner
Kev Truelove (b) (1982-1984) (2003) – also in Alice in Thunderland
Phil Star (b)(1988)
Rob Zipfel (d) (1980-1981)
Ian Johnson (d) (1988) (2013)
Shaun Arnold (d) (1982-1984)
Mark Wilde (d) (1981-1982)
Steve Elliot (d) (1980-1980)
Vesso Alexiev (d) (2015-2016)

– Formed in 1980 and took their name after a Cream song
– Shared the stage with Venom, Blitzkrieg, Fist and Ethel The Frog
– Original members Graham Waudby (v) and Tony Dixon (g) have been trying various other members over the years. One of the most memorable moments of Badge was their 2003 gig in memory of bass player Mike Cooper at the Utopia club in their hometown of Bridlington. The next was Brofest #1 in March 2013.

Demo 1980

1. Silver Woman
2. Traveller In Time
3. Blizzard

*Recorded at Ken Giles 4 track studio

BADGE - Silver Woman


Silver Woman

7″ Metal Minded Records (1981) MM2

1. Silver Woman
2. Something I’ve Lost

*Recorded at Impulse Studios in Wallsend by Micky Sweeny
*Silver Woman reached #27 on the Heavy Metal charts



Demo 1988

1. Crying Time
2. Drift Away
3. Finding My Way

BADGE - Stormrider



LP High Roller Records (2012) HRR 216
CD High Roller Records (2012) HRR 216 CD

1. Silver Woman
2. Something I Have Lost
3. Finding My Way
4. Cryin’ Time
5. Natalya From The Volga
6. Traveler in Time
7. Blizzard
8. Drift Away
9. Driving Home
10. See Me Gone
11. Silver Woman (extended)

*LP limited to 500 copies. 150 copies on white/black splatter vinyl and 350 on black vinyl
*The songs ‘Crying Time’, ‘Drift Away’ and ‘Finding My Way’ were recorded in 1988 at Animal Tracks studio in Hull. The songs ‘See Me Gone’, ‘Natalya From The Volga’ and ‘Driving Home’ were never formally recorded in a studio. They were put down by the band as demo tapes in the guitarist’s home studio around 1984.

BADGE - Supernova



Digital (2020)

1. Blizzard
2. You Mean Nothing
3. See Me Gone
4. Brotherhood
5. Valkyrie
6. Supernova
7. Rock Chicks
8. Cry In the Night
9. Dogs Of War
10. Black Heart Soul
11. Finding My Way (bonus)

*Available as a download directly from the band and via the known platforms. A few CD-R copies have also been circulated.