Baby Tuckoo

Baby Tuckoo

Location: Bradford | Website: n/a

Line Up
Rob Armitage (v) – also in Jagged Edge and Passion
Neil Saxton (g)
Andy Barrott (g) – also in Heritage, Geddes Axe, The Lonely Hearts, Glenn Marples, Well Hung Drawn And Quartered, Dukes Of Bordello and Chrome Molly
Paul Smith (b)
Tony Sugden (d)

Steve Holton (v) – also in Cyrca

– Their name can be found in the James Joyce novel “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”
– Singer Rob Armitage briefly joined Accept in 1987/1988



Mony Mony

7″ Ultra Noise Records (1984) TUCK 001

1. Mony Mony
2. Baby’s Rockin’ Tonight





BABY TUCKOO - First Born


First Born

LP Ultra Noise Records (1984) ULTRA 2
LP Disc’Az (1984) AZ 488 DI 219 (French)
LP Castle Communications (1986) CLALP 115
LP Albion Records (1986) ALLP 4.00157 J (white vinyl)
CD Albion Records (1988) ALCD9.00157O

1. Hot Wheels
2. Things (Ain’t Always What They Seem)
3. That’s It Worth
4. Holdin’ On
5. Mony Mony
6. A.W.O.L.
7. Baby’s Rockin’ Tonight
8. Broken Heart
9. Sweet Rock’n’roll

BABY TUCKOO - Force Majeure


Force Majeure

LP Music For Nations (1986) MFN 56
LP Music For Nations (1986) MFN 56 (French)
CD Pony Canyon/Music For Nations (1994) PCCY-00528 (Japan)
CD Krescendo Records (2010) KRECD 53

1. Rock (Rock)
2. Shoot The Sight
3. Over You
4. Falling Star
5. The Lights Go Down
6. Keep It Together
7. Maybe
8. I’m Your Man
9. Long Way Down
10. Promises
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero (bonus track on the CD only)

BABY TUCKOO - Rock, Rock


Rock, Rock

12″ EP Music For Nations (1986) 12KUT 120

1. Rock (Rock) (Full Lenght Version)
2. Shoot On Sight
3. Rock `n Roll Hero




BABY TUCKOO - The Tears Of A Clown


The Tears Of A Clown

12″ EP Fun After All (1986) 12 FAA 105

1. The Tears Of A Clown
2. Over You
3. The Lights Go Down

*’The Tears Of A Clown’ is a song by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles from 1967