Location: Macclesfield | Website: n/a

Line Up
Chris Dunne (v)
Jon Hull (g) – also in Touched and sound engineer for Machine Head
Mike Ellis (d)

Iain Muir (v,b)
Frank Flynn (g) – also in Hungry Touch
Andy Halliwell (g)
Dale Lee (b)
Chris White (b)
Nigel Stollof (b)
Chris Dadson (d) – also in Lee Aaron, Chateaux, Sam Thunder and Blood Money

– Aragorn have played with Iron Maiden, Raven, Saxon, Trust, White Spirit, Angelwitch, Lionheart, Spider and a few others
– After Aragorn split up in July ’83, drummer Mike Ellis has been doing sessions as well as touring with a variety of different bands and artists: PJ Proby, Simply Red, Arthur Kadmon, On The Run, Cover Story, Toys Out of the Pram, Meggido, No Leader, Deezil, Derecho, Snake Eyes, Avoidance of Doubt and many others.

Demo 1980

1. Black Ice
2. Noonday
3. Omega

*Recorded at Smile Studios, Manchester

Hungry for Your Love

Demo 1981

1. Night Is Burning
2. Hungry for Your Love
3. Tickets on the Wall

*Recorded at Impulse Studios, Wallsend

Demo 1982

1. Metal Fatigue
2. Cry of the Vampire

*Recorded live at Hield End Farm, Wildboarclough

ARAGORN - Black Ice


Black Ice

7″ Neat Records (1981) NEAT 07
CD single Skol Records (2016) UK002

1. Black Ice
2. Noonday

*CD single release by Skol Records is a replica of the 7″ with the original artwork etc limited to 500 copies.


ARAGORN - Noonday - The Aragorn AnthologyNoonday – The Aragorn Anthology

CD Sanctuary Records (2003) CMRCD 808

1. Black Ice (Black Ice 7″)
2. Noonday (Black Ice 7″)
3. The Night Is Burning
4. Make Me Believe
5. You Changed My World
6. Hellriser
7. Run Like the Wind
8. Radar Love (Golden Earring cover)
9. We’ll Fight Back
10. Love Set Me Up
11. Midnight Hour
12. Rest In Peace
13. Moving
14. Tickets on the Wall
15. Black Ice (Demo 1980)
16. Noonday (Demo 1980)
17. Omega (Demo 1980)
18. Metal Fatigue (Demo 1982)
19. Cry of the Vampire (Demo 1982)
20. The Night Is Burning (Demo 1981)
21. Hungry for Your Love (Demo 1981)
22. Tickets on the Wall (Demo 1981)

*Tracks 3-14 were recorded in 1982/1983 and planed to be released as “The Night Is Burning” album. Here is their official first release.

Line ups for this release:
Jon Hull (g)
Chris Dunne (v)
Mike Ellis (d)
Nigel Stollof (b)
Dale Lee (b) (1,2,15,16,17)
Chris White (b) (20-22)
Andy Halliwell (g) (20-22)

ARAGORN - Night Is Burning


Night Is Burning

CD Depressive Illusions Records (2012) CUT755
CD Hot Foot Productions (2014) HFCDLP02
LP Sommor (2017) SOMM036

1. Black Ice
2. The Night Is Burning
3. Make Me Believe
4. You Changed My World
5. Hellriser
6. Run Like The Wind
7. Radar Love
8. We’ll Fight Back
9. Love Set Me Up
10. Midnight Hour
11. Rest In Peace
12. Moving
13. Tickets On The Wall

*First release by Depressive Illusions Records in DVD box
*LP version by Sommor also has the track ‘Noonday’