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Line Up
Lorenzo Bedini (g,k,v)
Edward Percival (g,k,v)
David Dowdeswell-Allaway (g,d,v) – also in Logarhythms, C.31 and Dead Man’s Porn
Matt Gamble (b) – also in Kett’s Oak, Madder Than The Inmates, Cold Shoulder and Rigby

Sean Peter Godfrey (b,v)
Geoff Chamberlain (g) 1983-1983
David Beckett (d)
Stephen J Bennett (k) – also in No Man, Henry Fool and LaHost

-After the departure of Lorenzo Bedini and Stephen J Bennett in 1983 Airbridge recorded the, still unreleased, album Beyond the Veil with guitarist Geoff Chamberlain. The band broke up shortly after the recordings.
-Two of the original members (Sean Godfrey and Lorenzo Bedini) reformed Airbridge in 2011 with the addition of Pavla Peterkova (v) and Mark Spencer (g,k,v). This line-up recorded the (unreleased) album Mythica

AIRBRIDGE - Paradise Moves


Paradise Moves

LP Carve Up (1982) CU 3
LP Red Lightnin (????) RDL1003 (USA)

1. Sic Vita Pt.1
2. Round Dance
3. Paradise Moves
4. With The Turning Of Centuries
5. Better Times
6. Sic Vita Pt.2
7. To Absent Friends
8. Wavelength
9. Night And Silence
10. More Than Just To Win
11. Visitation

AIRBRIDGE - Words And Pictures


Words And Pictures

7″ Rattees Records (1983) RATT001

1. Words And Pictures
2. Zero Minus One

*Handmade DIY picture sleeve in several variations: black & white, black & green, black & yellow. SRT Pressing Plant






CD self-released (2013)

1. Return Of The Light
2. Who Pays The Ferryman?
3. To Absent Friends
4. Quiet Sky