Agony Bag

Agony Bag

Location: Leicester | Website: n/a

Line Up
Clive Jones (v,k,sax) – also in Black Widow
Bruce Cluley (g,v)
Geoff Beavan (b,v)
Clive Box (d) – also in Black Widow

AGONY BAG - Rabies Is A Killer


Rabies Is A Killer

7″ Monza Records (1980) MON 002

1. Rabies Is a Killer
2. Never Never Land





AGONY BAG - Feelmazumba


CD Black Widow Records (2001) BWRCD 049-2
LP Black Widow Records (2001) BWR 049

1. Rabies Is A Killer
2. Never Never Land
3. Venus Fly Trap
4. Feelmazumba
5. Nursery Chrymes
6. Vodka
7. White Stick
8. Sally Of Leicester
9. I Want To Touch You
10. Golden Shower Passer
11. I Can

* Compilation that includes the 2 single tracks plus older unreleased material as well as some songs recorded by Clive Jones with other members

AGONY BAG - Piss Out Your Trash

Piss Out Your Trash

*Only available as a digital download

1. Venus Flytrap
2. Rabies Is a Killer
3. I Want to Touch You
4. You’ll Be So Sorry
5. And the Winner Is

* All tracks were recorded in 2000 with Stephan Bender on guitars. This version of “Rabies Is a Killer” also appears on the soundtrack of the 2010 B-Horror film “Jessicka Rabid