After Dark

After Dark

Location: Berkshire | Website: n/a

Line Up
Steve Annetts (v,g)
Mike Hare (g) – also in Ironheart
Ian King (b)
John Metcalfe (d)
Steve Gresswell (k) – also in Justin Canns, Gyppo, The Steve Gresswell Band, Dream, Poiema, Scorpio, Guardian Angel, Gresswell & Rogers, SG Band, PS, Coalition and The Inner Road

J.C. (g) 1979-1981
Andy Harris (k) 1979-1981

– Active from 1980 up until 1985
– Throughout their short career, After Dark played numerous gigs and shared the stage with bands such as Diamond Head, Samson, Y&T and Trust
– It has been reported that additional material for a second album does exist.

AFTER DARK - Evil Woman


Evil Woman

7″ Self Released (1981) AD001

1. Evil Woman
2. Johnny
3. Lucy




AFTER DARK - Deathbringer



7″ Picture Disc Lazer (1981) Promo1

1. Deathbringer
2. Call Of The Wild

* A few test pressings (black vinyl & white hand written label) do exist and have been auctioned on ebay a few years back



AFTER DARK - Masked By Midnight

Brainstorm Division cover

AFTER DARK - Masked By Midnigh (The Anthology)

Skol Records cover

Masked By Midnight

CD Art of Music/Brainstorm Division (1995) 60105
CD Skol Records (2018) SR040

1. Deathbringer
2. Heartbreak In The Morning
3. Misked By Midnight
4. Call Of The Wild
5. Evil Woman
6. Mister Midnight
7. Devil In Her Heart
8. Freedom Never Comes
9. Traveller
10. Sing Your Song

* Recordings were made in 1984
* Skol Records CD limited to 500 copies with the following bonus:
11. Rock & Roller (Unreleased, 1981)
12. Too Late (Unreleased, 1981)
13. Deathrace
14. Evil Woman (Evil Woman 7″)
15. Johnny (Evil Woman 7″)
16. Lucy (Evil Woman 7″)