Ace Lane

Ace Lane

Location: Barnsley | Website: n/a

Line Up
Mick Clarke (v) – also in Gaskin
Gary Sleet (g)
Paul Brock (g)
Stef Prokopczuk (b) – also in Gaskin
Roy Whyke (d)

ACE LANE - See You In Heaven


See You In Heaven

LP Expulsion (1983) EXIT 3 (UK)
LP Roadrunner (1983) RR 9914-1 (Holland)
LP Mausoleum (1983) Skull 8313 (Belgium – different cover)
CD Mausoleum (1994) 704113.2
CD Classic Metal (2018) CM24

1. Emotion
2. See You in Heaven
3. Rock & Roll in the City
4. Cold Nights
5. Don’t Shine Your Light
6. Never the Same
7. Always
8. Girl Fever
9. Dancing the Night Away
10. Jay

*Bootleg CD almost identical to the Mausoleum CD also in circulation since 2016. Has the same matrix number with slightly larger font.