7 Year Itch

7 Year Itch

Location: Rochdale | Website: n/a

Line up
Cliff Stocker (v,g)
Dave Walmsley (v,g)
Rita Rowe (v,d)
Ash Pattison (d)
Steve Robinsson (b)
Rich Birch (k)

– Not to be confused with the band of the same name that released the Friday Evening Smile 7″ (Roxon Records, 1980)
– Changed their name to Wamm and re-circulated the remaining copies of the 7″ with a new DIY sleeve

7 YEAR ITCH - Oo Ya Ha - I' M Gonna Make Ya


Oo Ya Ha / I Wanna Make Ya

7″ Cargo Records (1981) CRS 007

1. Oo Ya Ha
2. I Ganna Make Ya