The Lonely Hearts Location: Sheffield | Website: n/a Line Up Glenn Marples (v,g) - also in Panza Division, Rokka and Glenn Marples & Friends Andy Barrott (g) – also in Heritage, Baby Tuckoo, Geddes Axe, Glenn Marples, Well Hung Drawn And Quartered and Dukes Of Bordello Paul Harrison (b) Nicki Gill (d) Eugene Maloney (k) - also in Panza Division Rick Corcoran (g) - also in Panza Division and Rokka Alan Edwards (b) - also in Panza Division and Witchfynde Mel Gabitas (b) Andy Freeston (d) - also in Panza Division and Rokka Notes: - The continuation of Panza Division who have changed their name to The Lonely Hearts around the end of 1982 and lasted until mid of 1990 - Toured in the US in 1985 - In 1989, their 'Wild Wind Blows' won the Best Video Award on Radio One. Judges were Trevor Horn (Frankie Goes to Holywood) and Lol Creme (10CC). - Made an appearance on the British TV show "Emmerdale Farm" on February 13th, 1990. - Since 1990, mainman Glenn Marples, lives in Ibiza (Spain) and is involved in several diverse bands and projects.
THE LONELY HEARTS - F.M. Fantasy   F.M. Fantasy 7" Tenacity Records (1984) TR01 1. F.M. Fantasy 2. Young Girl        
THE LONELY HEARTS - Believe   Believe 12" Tenacity Records (1986) TRO2A 1. Believe 2. You're The One 3. She's A Rocker 4. Run      
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