Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment

Location: Norfolk | Website:  n/a

Line Up
Mike Carr (v)
Nick Ward (g)
Lloyd Evans (g)
Doug Raymond (b)
Dave Alden (d)

– Other than the info that is shown on their one and only release, nothing more can be found about this rather interesting act. Two raw and high energized tracks of pure early 1980s Metal! Leaves you with a vivid sense that you want to listen to more of them!
– In 2018 guitarist Nick Ward posted on youtube the song ‘Mr. Computa’ written in 1979 and recorded in the same studio session as the tracks on the single. The song was saved from an old cassette got remastered and you can enjoy it here



The Mugger

7″ Skull Records (1980) SKR 2001

1. The Mugger
2. Nuclear Warfare

*Possibly pressed to just 500 copies