Seducer Location: Weybridge | Website: n/a Line Up Chris Hunt (v,g) - also in Mental Helicopters Dave Mandy (b) Dave Sutherland (d) Phil Smith (b) - also in Thee Hypnotics Steve Goldsack (b) Nigel Augur (d) Tim Haywood (d) - also in Panik Attak Notes: - Formed in 1981 and lasted roughly until 1987 - Gained a reputation for playing highly energetic gigs! - Chris Hunt (v,g) is guitar teacher with an enormous experience in teaching - Featured in the compilation "A Bolt From The Black" (LP, Thunderbolt, 1984)
SEDUCER - Call Your Name SEDUCER - Call Your Name
Call Your Name 7" Sticky Records (1983) SSR 0017 1. Call Your Name 2. Survivor *Two different covers exist. Not clear if these are different pressings or the same pressing that was circulated with two picture sleeves *Both tracks appear on the compilation "Metal Prisoners" (LP, Mausoleum Records, 1983)
SEDUCER - Indecent Exposure   Indecent Exposure 12" Thunderbolt (1984) THBE-1007 1. Down Down 2. No No (No No No) 3. D.T.S 4. Wild Joker  
SEDUCER - Caught In The Act   Caught In The Act LP Thunderbolt (1985) THBL-016 1. Don't Fall In Love (Rock'n'roll) 2. Do You Believe? 3. The Creeper 4. Wednesday 5. Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) 6. Call Your Name 7. Take You Home 8. Halloween 9. Rollercoaster / On The Run 10. Blizzard *Track 5 is an Aerosmith cover
SEDUCER - 'Eads Down - See You At The End   'Eads Down - See You At The End LP Stud Records (1986) STUDLP 2 1. Hailsham 2. Storm 3. Liar 4. The Haunting 5. The Rocker 6. No Contract 7. Problems 8. Conditions 9. Prostitute 10. Die Yer Bastard 11. Arena
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