Scorched Earth Location: Birmingham | Website: facebook Line Up Dave Cooper (v,k) - also in Badland Paul Bodley (g) Dave Matthews (g) Tony Badger (b) Andy Beirne (d) – also in Lionheart, Scarlet, Grand Prix, Dirty Tricks and Max and The Broadway Choir Tim Krstic (d) Notes: - Active between 1978-1985 - Once at Aston University, Geezer Butler joined them on stage for a Sabbath song - Supported Bryan Adams on his first UK tour - Recorded the songs 'Where Do We Go From Here?', 'Tomorrow Never Comes' and 'Shangri La' for Tommy Vance's BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show aired on June 14th 1983 - For about 15 years singer Dave Cooper worked as tour manager for many diverse artists such as Bob Geldof, Dave Stewart, Michael Jackson, Prince and The Bloodhound Gang. - It appears that the band members have many recordings and material from different studio and live sessions. Back in 2003-2004 they were meant to be released on a series of CDs as it was announced by their (now obsolete) website. Unfortunately this material remains in the dungeons. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORCHED EARTH - Demo   Demo 1980 1. Practice Room 2. Policy 3. Livin It Up 4. Devils Daughter 5. Ever Since You've Been Gone 6. Bad Feelings 7. Rover 8. City Lights 9. First Hand Experience 10. Questions 11. When A Stranger ????? 12. Whiskey Drinker 13. ???? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORCHED EARTH - Tomorrow Never Comes 7'   Tomorrow Never Comes 7" Carrere (1984) CAR 342 1. Tomorrow Never Comes 2. So Long *White label promo for UK radios. Unknown limitation most likely only a handful ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SCORCHED EARTH - Tomorrow Never Comes 1st pressing

1st pressing cover

SCORCHED EARTH - Tomorrow Never Comes Philips and 2nd pressing

Philips and 2nd pressing cover

  Tomorrow Never Comes 12" Carrere (1984) CART 342 12" Philips (1985) 880725-1 12" Carrere (1984) CART 342 1. Tomorrow Never Comes 2. Questions 3. Where Do We Go From Here 4. So Long ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Gallery: Right now on ebay:

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