Samurai (2) Location: unknown | Website: n/a Line Up Steve Scott (v) Matt Rocks (g) Ian Wood (g) Paul Buckton (b) Geoff Nixon (d) Notes: - Everything ever known about this Samurai is their four tracks on the compilation below. We hope one day to fill this page up with loads of information about them.
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Roksnax   Roksnax LP Guardian Records N’ Tapes (1980) GR C80 1. Samurai – Die Or Deliver 2. Hollow Ground – Rock On 3. Saracen – Speed Of Sound 4. Hollow Ground – Fight With The Devil 5. Samurai – Temptress 6. Saracen – Fast Living 7. Hollow Ground – Flying High 8. Saracen – Feel Just The Same 9. Samurai – Knights In Painted Castles 10. Hollow Ground – The Holy One 11. Samurai – Spirits Of The Lost 12. Saracen – Setting The World Ablaze *3-way split LP

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