Samurai (2) Location: unknown | Website: n/a Line Up Steve Scott (v) Matt Rocks (g) Ian Wood (g) Paul Buckton (b) Geoff Nixon (d) Notes: - Everything ever known about this Samurai is their four tracks on the compilation below. We hope one day to fill this page up with loads of information about them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VARIOUS ARTISTS - Roksnax   Roksnax LP Guardian Records N’ Tapes (1980) GR C80 1. Samurai – Die Or Deliver 2. Hollow Ground – Rock On 3. Saracen – Speed Of Sound 4. Hollow Ground – Fight With The Devil 5. Samurai – Temptress 6. Saracen – Fast Living 7. Hollow Ground – Flying High 8. Saracen – Feel Just The Same 9. Samurai – Knights In Painted Castles 10. Hollow Ground – The Holy One 11. Samurai – Spirits Of The Lost 12. Saracen – Setting The World Ablaze *3-way split LP

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