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Line Up
Bill Beadle (v,g)
Paul Macnamara (g) – also in Salem
Eddie Webb (g)
Jeff Rolland (b)
Neil Turnbull (d) – also in Dervish, (Deep) Purple, Snakebite and Cold Steel

Tony Vanner (g) – also in Armistice, Salems Witness and Jurassica
Vince Hempstead (g) – also in Desolate Pathway, Origin Konrad, and Pagan Altar
Giulio Riccelli (g) – also in Dalya and solo
Alex Cookson (g)
Steve Weller (g)
Damo Fawsett (g)
Terry Steward (g)
Pekka Loikkenan (g)
Neil Abnett (g)
Stevie Barrs (b)
Max Chan (b)
Paul Corr (b) – also in Origin Konrad and Desolate Pathway
Brian Callar (d)
Rick Burgess (d)
Steve On (d)

– Active from 1982-1987. Reformed in 2012 and played their first gig in 25 years on October 25th
– Bill Beadle’s father send their first demo to the press without the band knowing. Eventually it got some airplay and the band appeared on ITV on a show presented by David Jensen along with U2 and The Stranglers (December 1983)
– Sacrilege were notorious for their theatrical stage shows
– The band’s name was inspired by a 1954 sword-and-sandal flick named “Demetrious and the Gladiators”

Demo 1983

1. Sacrilege
2. The Ruler
3. Lucifer
4. You’re Too Possessive

*Recorded at Elephant studios in Wapping, London

SACRILEGE - Gates Of Hell


Gates Of Hell

CASSETTE self-released (1984)
CD-R self-released (2007)

1. Gates Of Hell
2. No Respect
3. The Ruler
4. Rock And Roll With The Devil
5. Condemned
6. In The Arena
7. Ashes To Ashes
8. Rulers And Destructors
9. Snowstorm

Demo 1984

1. In The Arena
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. Mr. Evil

SACRILEGE - Sacrilege



CD-R self-released (2011)

1. Sacrilege
2. Hey You
3. Lucifer
4. Pandemonium
5. Driving Home (Video Version)
6. You’re Too Possessive
7. Whore
8. Mr. Evil
9. Rain

SACRILEGE - The Unknown Soldier


The Unknown Soldier

CD-R self-released (2011)

1. The Unknown Soldier
2. Burning
3. Running Scared
4. Evolution
5. Driving Home
6. Clutch Of The Devil
7. I Married Too Young
8. Rock Is Always There
9. On And On



The Wraith

CD-R self-released (2012)

1. The Wraith
2. Feeding On Humans
3. A New Day
4. After The Culling
5. The Escape
6. The Fight Back
7. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover)

SACRILEGE - Best Of Sacrilege 1983-2012


Best Of Sacrilege 1983-2012

CD-R self-released (2013)

1. Driving Home
2. The Unknown Soldier
3. Running Scared
4. After The Culling
5. Ashes to Ashes
6. Hey You
7. Sacrilege
8. Pandamonium
9. The Wraith
10. Rulers And Destructors
11. In The Arena

SACRILEGE - Sacrosanct



CD-R self-released (2013)

1. The Traveller
2. Live Another Day
3. Ascension
4. Cry Of The Night
5. The Dawn It Dies
6. Early Days
7. Out Of The Shadows
8. Help
9. My Time To Die
10. The Long Road

SACRILEGE - Ashes To Ashes


Ashes To Ashes

CD Karthago Records (2015) KR084

1. The Traveller
2. The Dawn It Dies
3. Rock ‘n’ Roll With The Devil
4. Condemned
5. The Ruler
6. Feeding On The Humans
7. The Fight Back
8. Rulers And Destructors
9. Ascention
10. Help
11. Ashes To Ashes
12. The Unknown Soldier
13. Gates Of Hell
14. Evolution




CD Pure Steel Records (2015) PSRCD111

1. Death March six6six
2. Welcome to the Dragon’s Den
3. Lucifer’s Soldiers
4. In Hell
5. Sanctuary
6. Forever After
7. Paranoia
8. Eyes of the Lord (Prologue)
9. Eyes of the Lord
10. Death March six6six (Reprise)

SACRILEGE - The Court Of The Insane


The Court Of The Insane

CD Pure Steel Records (2019) PURCD027

1. Celestial City
2. Lies
3. The Court Of The Insane
4. Bring Out Your Dead
5. Depression
6. No Bequeath
7. The Prophet
8. Unhinged Mind
9. I Can Hear The Silence
10. Ride Free


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