Sabre Location: Croydon | Website: n/a Line Up John Ward (v) - also in London Nick Fusco (g) Alan Beschi (g) Geoff Gillespie (b) - also in Switchback, Snowblind and Static Allan Angold (d) - also in Switchback Nick Pyatt (v) Rob Brown (aka Chad Brown) (v) - also in Preacher, The Sweet, Snowblind and Lionheart Notes: - Formed in the spring of 1980 by school mates Geoff Gillespie and Allan Angold. The rest of the line up was found via adverts on Melody Maker. The band folded sometime in late 1983 after the departure of singer John Ward - Can be found in the following compilations: "60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation" (CASSETTE, Neat Records, 1982) with 'Cry To The Wind' "All Hell Let Loose" (LP, Neat Records, 1983) with 'Cry To The Wind' "The Essential Neat Records Singles Collection" (2CD, Neat Metal Records, 1999) with 'Miracle Man' "The Neat Singles Collection Volume Two" (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with 'Miracle Man' and 'On The Loose' "The Flame Burns On - The Best Of Neat Records" (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with 'Miracle Man' "Lightnin' To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection" (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with 'Miracle Man' "Empire Of Thunder - A NWOBHM Collection" (CD, Majestic Rock, 2005) with 'Can You Feel It?'
Demo 1980 1. Miracle Man 2. Can You Feel It? 3. On The Loose *Recorded at Palm Tree Studios in London with Nick Pyatt on vocals
SABRE - Miracle Man.jpeg   Miracle Man 7" Neat Records (1983) NEAT 23 1. Miracle Man 2. On The Loose  
SABRE - Roar To The Core   Roar To The Core CD Majestic Rock (2005) MAJCD061 1. Miracle Man 2. Can You Feel It? 3. On The Loose 4. Sunken Ships 5. Fighting Talk 6. Wounded Heart 7. Red Light Lover 8. Miracle Man 9. On The Loose 10. Cry To The Wind 11. Wouldn’t You Like To Know? 12. Kick Me When I`m Down 13. Work's A Four Letter Word *Tracks 1-3 from Demo 1980 Tracks 4-7 rehershals from December 1981 / January 1982. These are the only recordings of Sabre with singer Rob Brown Tracks 8-10 Neat session from 1982: The 7" plus the track on the "60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation" Tracks 11-13 are from the pre-Sabre band Switchback featuring Geoff Gillespie (b) and Allan Angold (d) circa 1978
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