Location: Belfast | Website: n/a Line Up Jonty McFall (v) Ivan Muirhead (g) Davey Vance (g) Mike Love (d) Janet Muirhead (aka Janet Holmes) (v) - also in Bare Bones, Bird-Dog, solo and Ferguson, Holmes and Henry Tom Muirhead (b) Notes: - More or less a marginal entry here as the band had a strong Christian-themed Grassroots sound and ideology - S.O.S appeared several times on Ulster TV and supported many international Christian Rock/Gospel bands in their hometown of Belfast
S.O.S. - Hold On Tight     Hold On Tight 7" self-released (1982) CAT 002 1. Hold On Tight 2. High Wire  
Borderlands CASSETTE self-released (1990) *unknown track-listing    

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