Rhiannon Tomos a'r Band Location: Crymych | Website: n/a Line Up Rhiannon Tomos (v) - also in Y Diawled Meredydd Morris (g) Len Jones (g) Gruff Owen (b) Graham Land (d) Mark Jones (b) Notes: - Solo effort of Rhiannon Tomos who later fronted Y Diawled - Can be found on the Welsh compilation "Yn Dawel Hyd Nawr" (LP, Legless, 1980) with the tracks 'India'r Prynhawn' and 'Cinderella'. However, it is not clear if this is the exact same band due to the nature of this compilation (mostly Folk Rock) and because she used her full name without the "A'r Band" bit - Other compilation appearances: "Gorau Sgrech Sgrechian Corwen" (LP, Recordiau'r Ty Gwyn, 1982) with 'Rosaline' and 'Cer A Hi' "Barod Am Roc 1" (LP, Sain, 1984) with 'Cwm Hiraeth' - Rhiannon Tomos released some Folk material under the name Rhiannon Tomos towards the end of the 1980s
RHIANNON TOMOS A'R BAND - Gormod I'w Golli     Gormod I'w Golli 7" Sain (1980) SAIN 78s 1. Gormod I'w Golli 2. Cwm Hiraeth  
RHIANNON TOMOS A'R BAND - Dwed Y Gwir   Dwed Y Gwir LP Sain (1981) Sain 1232M 1. 'Sdim Digon I'w Gael 2. Rosaline 3. Cofio'r Cur 4. La Belle Dame Sans Merci 5. Cer A Hi 6. Dim Ond Y Diafol 7. Dynamite 8. Proffwyd 9. Penna 'Lawr 10. America

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