Raw Deal (2) Location: Leicester | Website: n/a Line Up Des Horsfall (v) Regan Cairns (g) - also in Anvil Steve English (b) - also in Anvil, Split Image and Blitzkrieg Kevin Thompson (d) - also in Anvil Notes: - Started under the name Anvil and featured vocalist Brian Ross (Blitzkrieg, Avenger etc). The name changed when Ross left the band. It yet unclear if there were any recordings or even gig under the name Anvil - Both tracks of their lone 7" are included in the compilation "The Neat Singles Collection Volume One" (2CD, Castle Music, 2002)
RAW DEAL (2) - Lonewolf   Lonewolf 7" Neat (1981) NEAT 12 1. Lonewolf 2. Take The Sky    

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