Location: Bingley | Website: n/a Line Up Drew Paul Coe Gunstone Burker Notes: - One can not tell for sure but it appears that, again, two different bands bearing the same name were active during the same period. Since this is not clear enough and until the overall confusion is gone we will keep all info under one single entry. - One or two bands, they dwelled into the most underground avenues of nwobhm - Compilation appearance on "It's Unheard Of!" (LP, Sane Records, 1984) with 'Time Forgets A Hero'
PYRAMID - Star   Star 7" Scorpion Records (1982) PYRA 1 1. Star 2. Wasted Time  
PYRAMID - Out Of Control   Out Of Control CD (1996) 1. Star 2. Wasted Time 3. Good Time Gals 4. Ambition 5. Out Of Control 6. Wiseman 7. Is This Life 8. Call Of The Gods 9. Hells Bells  

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