Predatur Location: Reading | Website: official | facebook Line Up Baz Barry (v,g) - also in Rain Mick Hughes (g) - also in Shell Shock, Kap Gunz, Water Pistols, The Quotations, Anus and Rain Pete Knight (b) - also in Burning Ambition, Strange Tales Jack Capon (d) Steve Coppuck (g) John Benham (g) - also in Cargo and Dog Ouse Roy Bell (g) Steve Coppuck (b) Karen Cooper (b) - also in The Unlikely Lads and The Hassle Free Honey's Glen Potter (b) Sam Savin (d) - also in Out Of The Blue Simon Baker (d) - also in Rain Jim Roberts (d) - also in The Edge and Big Guns Notes: - Formed as back as 1976 but actually kick started big towards the end of 1978 - Very much a live band, they have been playing in all sorts of small and bigger venues and during the early 1980s shared the stage with Y&T, Samson, Slade, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Girl, Praying Mantis and others. - Predatur went through several line-up changes and short periods of inactivity. However, they were going strong up until 1995. For some time in the late 1990s they were known as 'Rain' although this has to be considered as a complete different band altogether. - Predatur reformed in 2002 and since then they released two albums in addition to giging all the time!
PREDATUR - Take A Walk   Take A Walk 7" Quicksilver Record (1983) QUICK 5 1. Take A Walk 2. Seen You Here  
Demo 1985 1. Crazy 2. End Of The Road *Recording that was meant to be released as the band's second single. Both tracks still remain unreleased
PREDATUR - Mean   Mean CD self-released (2004) PRED001 1. End Of The Road 2. First Time 3. Crazy 4. Seen You Here 5. Movin' On 6. Take A Walk 7. Mind's Made Up 8. Need Your Love 9. Some You Win
PREDATUR - In Your Garden   In Your Garden CD self-released (2007) PRED002 1. In Your Garden 2. Over The Top 3. Time To Go 4. When My Girl 5. Tired Of It All 6. It's A Drag 7. Song For Lotte 8. Walking Away 9. Work It Out 10. Thank You 11. All Gone Wrong

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