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Line Up
Michael Maughan (v,g)
Brian Morton (b)
Ian Mattimore (d)

Kev Wilkinson (v)
Paul Gago (b)
Andrew Stidolph (aka Stidi) (d) – also in The Wildhearts, Wrench, The Jellys, Axiss and Broken Ange

– Formed in 1983 and only lasted for a couple of years
– Reformed in 2014 to play the Brofest in 2015
– Apparently, Michael Maughan (v,g) has been working with bass player Kev Charlton (Fist, Hellanbach etc) and some material was recorded around 1985. However, no further information is available on this short-lived collaboration.

Demo 1983

1. Can’t You See
2. Took Her Dancing
3. To Rule The World
4. Mercenary Killers

Demo 1984

1. Don’t Walk Away
2. Picture Me
3. Minute Man


Neat cover


Roadrunner cover

Cut It Up

LP Neat Records (1985) Neat 1022
LP Roadrunner Records (1985) RR 9774

1. Think It Over
2. Picture Me
3. Don’t Walk Away
4. Run For Guns
5. Down & Out
6. Minute Man
7. Get It Right
8. Feels On Wheels
9. King Creole (Elvis Presley cover)
10. Who’s Losing Now

Demo 1985

1. Minute Man
2. Picture Me
3. Cruizin’
4. Think It Over

*Session recorded live in the studio for Neat Records but never actually released


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