Persian Risk Location: Cardiff | Website: facebook | myspace Line Up Carl Sentance (v,g) - also in Leading Star, Geezer Butler Band, Tokyo Blade, Monroe, Krokus, Tok-io Rose, Tredegar, Paul Chapman's Ghost, Power Project, Whole Lotta Metal, Don Airey and Friends and Nazareth Jason Banks (g) - also in Messiah's Kiss, Repression, Hoof and Blaze Wayne Banks (b) - also in Messiah's Kiss, Repression, Soldierfield, Brazen Abbot, Godsend and Sabbat Tim Brown (d) John Deverill (v) (1979-1980) - also in Tygers of Pan Tang and Square World Lou Taylor (v) (1986) - also in Saracen (2), Blind Fury, Satan, Tour De Force and Heaven or Hell Phil Campbell (g) (1979-1984) - also in Motorhead, Contrast, Roktopus, Stoned Soul Party and Phil Campbell's All Starr Band Dave Bell (g) (1979-1980) Alex Lohfink (g) (1980-1981) Graham Bath (g) (1983-1986) - also in Battlezone, Killers and Sphinx Phil Vokins (g) (1984-1986) - also in Tyrant, Wrathchild, Max Havoc and Psychowrath Danny Willson (g) (2012-2014) - also in Kipper, Showaddywaddy, The Chase and Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash Howard Jarrett (g) (2012-2014) - also in Lawless Nick Hughes (b) (1979-1986) - also in Idol Rich and Wizards of Oz Chris Childs (b) (2012) - also in Thunder, Paul Young, Andy Summers, Colin Blunstone, Then Jerico, Waterfront, Never The Bride, Go West, Russ Ballard, The Don Airey Band, The Union and The Ultimate Eagles Alex Meadows (b) (2012) - also in Electrasy, Tom Jones, Jamiroquai, Il Divo, Colin Blunstone, Peter Gabriel, Atomic Kitte and many other projects Razz Lemon (d) (1979-1983) - also in Leading Star and Nightmare Visions (?) Dixie Lee (d) (1983-1984) - also in Lone Star, Pulsar and Wild Horses Steve Hopgood (d) (1984-1986) - also in Shy, Legion, Tank, Battlezone, Jagged Edge, Passion, Killers, Lionheart and Chinatown Notes: - Formed around the end of 1979 from the ashes of a Cardiff band called Leading Star - Persian Risk quickly gained good press reviews as well as radio and some TV airplay. Played several gigs across the country and also supported Motorhead on their 1984 UK tour - The band folded when mainman Carl Sentance accepted an offer to sing for Tokyo Blade on a European tour in 1986. Just a couple of weeks after this tour he joined the Geezer Butler Band. - Carl Sentance lived in Florida between 1992-1995. During this time he formed a band under the name "Persian Risk USA" and recorded a few songs - In 2012 he reformed Persian Risk with all new members and thus far he released two albums - Notable compilations featuring Persian Risk: "60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation" (Cassette, Neat, 1982) with '50.000 Stallions' "All Hell Let Loose" (LP, Neat/Base Records, 1983) with '50.000 Stallions' "Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II" (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 1982) with 'Calling For You' "Axe Attack" (LP, M Port Records / JCI, 1985) with 'Too Different' "The Best Of British - A Rock Collection" (LP, Zebra Records, 1985) with 'Too Different' "The Flame Burns On - The Best Of Neat Records" (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with 'Riding High' "Lightnin' To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection" (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with 'Riding High' "The Neat Singles Collection Volume Two" (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with 'Riding High' and 'Hurt You'
Demo 1980 unknown tracklisting
PERSIAN RISK - Calling For You   Calling For You 7" SRT (1981) SRTS 81 CUS 1146 1. Calling For You 2. Chase The Dragon *Pressed in 1000 copies
Demo 1983 1. Ridin' High 2. Out of Control 3. Sky's Falling Down 4. Dark Tower 5. Night Shower
PERSIAN RISK - Ridin' High     Ridin' High 7" Neat Records (1983) NEAT 24 1. Riding High 2. Hurt You
PERSIAN RISK - Too Different     Too Different 12" Zebra Records (1984) 12RA3 1. Too Different 2. Sky's Falling Down 3. Dark Tower
PERSIAN RISK - Rise Up Rise Up LP Metal Masters (1986) MEATLP 112 LP N.E.W Musidisc (1986) 2352 CD High Vaultage (1997) HV-1007 CD Powerage (2002) PRAGE012CD 1. Hold The Line 2. Jane 3. Rise Up 4. Brave New World 5. Don't Turn Around 6. Sky's Falling Down 7. Break Free 8. Dark Tower 9. Rip It Up 10. Women And Rock *The High Vaultage CD pressing has all three tracks from the Too Different 12" as bonus 11. Too Different 12. Sky's Falling Down 13. Dark Tower
PERSIAN RISK - Once A King   Once A King CD Carlos Records (2012) CS2012-1 LP High Roller Records (2013) HRR 286 1. Asylum 2. Riding High 3. Killer 4. Once A King 5. Soul Deceiver 6. Battlecry 7. Spirit In My Dreams 8. Ride The Storm 9. Fist Of Fury 10. Women And Rock 11. Wasteland *The High Roller LP version is limited to 500 copies: 150 in Cyan Blue vinyl and 350 in Black vinyl
PERSIAN RISK - Who Am I   Who Am I? CD self-released (2014) CS2014-1 1. Don't Look Back 2. Who Am I 3. My Creation 4. In My Life 5. The Writing On The Wall 6. I Feel Free 7. Dark Tower 8. Facing Your Demons 9. Calling For You 10. I Thought It Was You
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