Paradyne Location: Chichester | Website: n/a Line Up Mark White (v,g) Paul White (g) John Biddiscombe (b) Gary Halls (d) Notes: - Active from the late 1970s until 1983 around the South East of England - Gained a somewhat strong following and their gigs were quite memorable. - On stage Paradyne used a drum stage made out of old bedsteads! They also had an old vacuum cleaner with reversed engine which was oozing smoke to the audience! - They headlined the Chichester Rock festival when Spider had to cancel.
PARADYNE - Down To Amsterdam   Down To Amsterdam 7" Airship (1982) PE 134 1. Down To Amsterdam 2. Take Your Time *Never in a picture sleeve and limited to 500 copies. One side of the single has a professional label and the other has DIY stickers with their logo attached by the band. Most stickers in white color and approximately 25 in red.

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