Original Sin Location:¬†Liverpool | Website: myspace Line Up Steve Daley (v) Les Brunskill (g) Kev McGinn (g) Craig Hay (b) Brian Parry (d) - also in Wrathchild, Rough Justice and Grim Reaper Robbie Lane (g) Mark Phillips (b) - also in Doom Engine Paul Ollingsworth (b) Alan Brunskill (d) Steve Ashton (d) Notes: - Out of the six or so other bands who had (or still have) the same name, this Original Sin were the first to use it. - There are some reports of an album (titled "Cut Loose") being released sometime in the mid 1980's possibly only on cassette but still not enough evidence around to support its existence --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL SIN - The Shadow Salvation   The Shadow : Salvation 12" Self-released (1984) S1n 1. The Shadow 2. Salvation   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Burning Cassette Self-released (1985) 1. Burning 2. Calm Before The Storm 3. Make Or Break --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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