Oral Location: Brighton | Website: n/a Line Up Bev E. Lee (v) Monica Ramone (g) Candy (b) Dee (d) Notes: - Singer Bev from Bermondsey was just 15 years old when joined Oral - Two tracks from their lone EP ('Head' and 'Black Leather') made it to the "Metal Masters" compilation (4CD, Castle Communications, 1993). Each of the four CDs of this compilations have also been circulated individually. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORAL - Sex Sex 12" Conquest Records (1985) QUEST 6 CD ??? (????) 1. Head 2. Love Pole 3. Gas Masks Vicars And Priests 4. Black Leather 5. Pearl Necklace 6. I Need Discipline *A few white label promo copies do exist *CD is a bootleg of unknown details --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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