Location: London | Website: n/a Line Up Danny Bowes (v) - also in Terraplane, Thunder, Don Airey, Danny and The Doowops and Bowes and Morley Luke Morley (g) - also in Terraplane, Thunder and The Union Malcolm McKenzie (b) - also in Dumpy's Rusty Nuts Chris Hussey (d) - also in Dumpy's Rusty Nuts Notes: - Danny Bowes (v) and Luke Morley (g) have been jamming together since school during the late 1970s. - Nuthin' Fancy were active for about four years regularly giging around South London - Bassist Malcolm McKenzie was the first singer of the band before Danny Bowes joined in. Several years later Malcolm McKenzie will become the manager of Thunder - Towards the end of 1982 the band got a new rhythm section and changed their name to Terraplane. Terraplane lasted until 1988 and just before the turn of the decate evolved into the successful Hard Rock act Thunder. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NUTHIN' FANCY - Looking For A Good Time   Looking For A Good Time 7" Dynamic Cat (1981) DC 1001 1. Looking For A Good Time 2. Too Much Rock And Roll ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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