Location: Canvey Island | Website: n/a Line Up Rob Bannister (v) Rich Howe (g) Andy Adams (b) Simon Adams (d) Brad Cook (v) Notes: - No Mercy can also be considered as a Thrash band - They named their first demo "Death Metal". This is actually one of the first times the term is used! One year earlier than Possessed's "Death Metal" demo and Noise Records' "Death Metal" compilation. When exactly was the very first time is not clear but it could have been this really unknown NWOBHM act. In Daniel Ekeroth's excellent book "Swedish Death Metal", Possessed frontman Jeff Becerra said that he came up with the term during high school at an English class in 1983 (p.11). Moreover, the same year, Tom Fischer and Martin Ain (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost) have been circulating a fanzine called "Death Metal". It appears, however, that the term was used occasionally in underground circles as early as 1982.
Death Metal CASSETTE self-released (1983) 1. Fantazia 2. Twist Of Fate 3. Cut And Thrust
Go For The Throat CASSETTE self-released (1985) *unknown track-listing but enough tracks to be considered an album  

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