More Location: London | Website: official Line Up Mike Freeland (v) - also in Hindsight 20/20, Praying Mantis, Exmore and More 2012 Kenny Cox (g) - also in Mammoth Barry Nichols (b) - also in Dangerous Breed, Exmore and More 2012 Andy Robinson (d) Paul Mario Day (v) - also in Gypsy’s Kiss, Iron Maiden, The Sweet, Wildfire, Crimzon Lake, The Cryptic, Defaced and Gringos Mick Stratton (v) Ron Jackson (v) Paul Todd (g) - also in Iron Maiden and Sweeney Todd Laurie Mansworth (g) - also in Airrace Mel Jones (g) Brian Day (b) Frank Darch (d) Andy John Burton (d) - also in Exmore Paul Jones (d) Rick Dyat (d) Notes: - Paul Mario Day was the first ever singer of Iron Maiden. He joined them in 1975 for about 8 months - Guitarist Paul Todd was also a member of Iron Maiden for just a couple of days in 1979 - More did several UK and European tours supporting bands such as Black Sabbath, Krokus, Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, Saxon and Iron Maiden. They also played in several festivals including opening for Donington 1981 (same bill with AC/DC and Whitesnake) - More split up in 1982. A few incarnations occured since then: First in 1985 for a little time with Ron Jackson (v), Kenny Cox (g), Mel Jones (g), Baz Nicholls (b) and Paul George (d). Second in 1998 with a line up of Mike Freeland (v), Kenny Cox (g), Baz Nicholls (b) while on the drumer's position there were Rick Dyat and Andy Robinson. This line up lasted until 2000 and a track called 'My Obsession' was recorded during this time. - The latest incarnations, from 2011 onwards, are considered as More tribute bands thus they go under different names: Exmore and More 2012 - Appeared on some compilations. Most notably in: "Metal Explosion" (LP, BBC Records, 1980) with 'Soldier' "Rock The Nation" (LP, WEA, 1981) with 'We Are The Band' "Hard" (LP, WEA, 1981) with 'Warhead' "Hard 2" (LP, WEA, 1982) with 'Killer On The Prowl'
MORE - We Are The Band (Dutch pressing)

Dutch pressing

MORE - We Are The Band (Italian pressing)

Italian pressing

MORE - We Are The Band 12"


We Are The Band 7" Atlantic (1981) W 11561 (Italy) 7" Atlantic (1981) ATL 11561 (Holland) 12" Atlantic (1981) K 11561T 1. We Are The Band 2. Atomic Rock *Same two tracks on all versions. The 12" came with a free patch
MORE - Sounds Atomic Rock Show flexi   Sounds Atomic Rock Show flexi 7" Atlantic (1981) LYN9935 1. MORE - Way Of The World 2. BLACKFOOT - Dry Country *Promotional flexi circulated with Sounds magazine      
MORE - Warhead   Warhead LP Atlantic (1981) K50775 (UK) LP Atlantic (1981) ATL 50775 (Germany) LP Atlantic (1981) ATL 50 775 (France) LP Atlantic (1981) SD 19295 (USA) LP Atlantic (1981) XSD 19295 (Canada) LP Atlantic (1981) 50775 (Greece) LP Atlantic (1981) P-10991A (Japan) LP Atlantic/Suzy (1981) ATL 50775 (Yugoslavia) CD Wounded Bird Records (2005) WOU 9295 CD Rock Candy (2011) CANDY112 CD Atlantic/Warner (2014) WPCR-15917 1. Warhead 2. Fire 3. Soldier 4. Depression 5. Road Rocket 6. Lord Of Twilight 7. Way Of The World 8. We Are The Band 9. I Have No Answers *Some of the LP pressings does not include the track 'Lord Of Twilight' *CD release by Rock Candy includes the bonus track 'Atomic Rock'
MORE - Fire 7"


MORE - Fire 12"


Fire 7" Atlantic (1981) 3805 12" Atlantic (1981) PR 384 1. Fire (Mono) 2. Fire (Stereo) *The 12" has 'Lord Of Twilight' on the b-side *Both promotional pressings for the US market *'Fire' is a cover of the famous Arthur Brown song
MORE - Blood & Thunder

Original LP cover

MORE - Blood & Thunder Rock Candy CD

Rock Candy CD cover

Blood & Thunder LP Atlantic (1982) ATL K 50 875 LP Atlantic (1982) SD 19339 (USA) LP Warner (1982) P-11226 (Japan) CD Wounded Bird Records (2005) WOU 9339 CD Rock Candy (2011) CANDY110 CD Atlantic/Warner (2014) WPCR-15918 1. Killer On The Prowl 2. Blood And Thunder 3. I Just Can't Believe It 4. I've Been Waiting 5. Traitors Gate 6. Rock And Roll 7. I Wanna Take You 8. Go Home 9. The Eye 10. Nightmare
MORE - Trickster   Trickster 7" Atlantic (1982) K 11744 1. Trickster 2. Hey Joe        
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MORE - We Are The Band - 1981 UK 12" single

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