Megaton Location: London | Website: myspace Line Up Ross Torlak (v,g) - also in Breed and solo Jeremy Nagle (g) - also in Driveshaft Shawn Bossick (b,k) Mike Leasure (d) Rod Sturt (b) Mick Tucker (d) - also in Wainwright's Gentlemen and The Sweet Bill Collis (d) John Gartland (d) Notes: - Reached #8 on the Heavy Metal Charts of Sound Magazine in 1980 - Although some resources mention another single with title "Tallahassee Lassie" to be released in 1980 or 1981 it appears that this was only recorded but never actually released. The track 'Tallahassee Lassie', however, is included as a bonus track on their 2011 album. Mick Tucker (The Sweet) plays the drums on this track and also produced it at Kingsway Recorders (Ian Gillan’s old studio) - Reunited in 2010 but sadly folded a few years later when frontman Ross Torlak passed away in May 2013 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEGATON - Aluminium Lady   Aluminium Lady 7" Hot Metal Music (1981) HMM 69 1. Aluminium Lady 2. Die Hard *Limited to 500 copies       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEGATON - Returning With Vengeance Returning With Vengeance CD self-released (2011) 1. Don't Fall Out 2. Die Hard 3. Love Is Hard To Find 4. Aluminium Lady 5. Woman 6. Third Rate Fantasy 7. Black Spider Woman 8. Mae West 9. Wheelin & Dealin 10. Everyone Wants To Be A Star 11. Tallahasee Lassie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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