Location: Birmingham | Website: n/a Line Up Martin Smith (v) Steve Warr (g) Rob Ostler (b) Mick Burns (d) Dave Kovacevic (k) - also in Cuddly Toys, Killing Joke, Then Jerico, Boy George, Charles Aznevour, Pleasurama, Sunday People and David 'K' Band Notes: - Appeared on the compilation "Brum Beat Live At The Barrel Organ!" (2LP, Big Bear Records, 1980) with the tracks: 'Moving In Time' and 'Standing On The Edge Of The World'
MAYDAY - Day After Day     Day After Day 7" Reddington Rare Records (1980) DAN 2 1. Day After Day 2. Love In The Spaceage *Produced by Mick Hopkins (Quartz)        

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