Marz Location: Grantham | Website: n/a Line Up Steve Farmer (v) - also in Overdrive and Vesuvius Dave Lamond (g) Mark Lindley (g) Russ Clough (b) Ian Padgett (d) - also in Overdrive and Utter Pendragon Notes: - Formed by drummer Ian Padgett when he was out of Overdrive for some time
Demo 1980 1. On The Road To Freedom 2. When The City Sleeps 3. Love Is What You Make Of It *'On The Road To Freedom' is not the same recording with the one on the 7"
MARZ - Lady Of The Night   Lady Of The Night 7" Frozen Owl (1980) SRR 0023 1. Lady Of The Night 2. On The Road To Freedom 3. Daydreamer *Limited to 500 copies  

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