Marz Location: Grantham | Website: n/a Line Up Steve Farmer (v) - also in Overdrive and Vesuvius Dave Lamond (g) Mark Lindley (g) Russ Clough (b) Ian Padgett (d) - also in Overdrive and Utter Pendragon Notes: - Formed by drummer Ian Padgett when he was out of Overdrive for some time --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demo 1980 1. On The Road To Freedom 2. When The City Sleeps 3. Love Is What You Make Of It *'On The Road To Freedom' is not the same recording with the one on the 7" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARZ - Lady Of The Night   Lady Of The Night 7" Frozen Owl (1980) SRR 0023 1. Lady Of The Night 2. On The Road To Freedom 3. Daydreamer *Limited to 500 copies   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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