Malleus Location: Belper | Website: official | facebook Line Up Andro Coulton (v,b,g) - also in Witchfynde, Sabotage, Prophets For The Damned, ZXY and solo Shaz Coulton (v,g) - also in Prophets For The Damned and ZXY Brian Buckberry (d) - also in ZXY Dave Screen (g) 1980 John Hibbert (g) 1981-1982 Gary Lorking (g) 1982-1983 Bob Weston (d) 1981-1982 Notes: - Formed in 1980 just three days after Andro Coulton left Witchfynde together with his future wife Shaz - For about two years went through several line-up changes but managed, however, to play a considerable amount of gigs around the UK - Split up in 1983. The only recordings of Malleus were recorded early 1984 not long after the split up. Only Andro and Shaz  were on the recordings. - The married couple formed a band in 2009 with five different drummers under the name ZXY incorporating many ideas from the era of Malleus. The final drummer, Brian Buckberry was so in tune with the Malleus songs that in 2016 it was decided to use the name Malleus again and their first gig as Malleus happened on April, 9th 2016.
MALLEUS - White Noise   White Noise CD single Vyper Records (2016) VYPS1 1. White Noise 2. Driftin’ Man 3. Dark Dreams *The demo recording of 1984, released for the first time.  

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