Lyadrive Location: London | Website: official | facebook | myspace Line Up Nick John (v,k) - also in Cry Havoc Keith Thompson (g) - also in Keith Thompson Band, Poacher Brown, Bunter, Third Day, and Margaret Becker Band Paul Ryan (g) Guy Wilson (b) Lee Burrows (d) Steve Jones (g) Dave Collett (g) Charlie Green (g) - also in Cry Havoc Barrie Flemming (g) Graham Stuart (g) Steve Christiansen (b) Den O'Leary (b) Dave Pick (k) Notes: - Formed around 1980 under the name 'Tempest Ride' and their first gigs quickly gained them a strong local following. - In 1981 drummer Lee Burrows roadies for the UK tour of Iron Maiden and Praying Mantis - During their first era, Lyadrive are establishing some good connections within the music industry and several recording and touring possibilities emerged. However, due to some really bad timing line-up changes and general bad luck they called it quits in 1985 - Reformed during the summer of 1996 with only Nick John (v,k) and Lee Burrows (d) from the original line-up. - You can get directly from the band copies of video-recordings from 1983/4 - Lyadrive can be found on a few compilations, here are some of most significant: "Metal Warriors" (LP, Ebony Records, 1983) with 'We've Got The Rock' "Classic British Heavy Metal - Noise Level Critical" (CD, Hallmark Records, 1997) with 'Sign Of The Hunted' and 'Steal Away The Night' "The Best of British Metal" (CD, Delta Music, 1999) with 'Another Time. Another Place' and 'White Dress' "Classic British Heavy Metal" (CD, Pegasus, 2002) with 'Cold Sweat' and 'Lazerwind' Tempest Ride - During their very early days as 'Tempest Ride' they appeared on the compilation "The Bridge Album" (LP, Bridge Records, 1982) with 'Another Time Another Place'. The same recording also appeared on "Legends of Progressive Rock" (CD, Hallmark Records, 1998) which also has the Lyadrive track 'Lazerwind'
LYADRIVE - Anytime   Anytime 7" Bridge Record (1984) BR 003 1. Anytime 2. White Dress *Limited to 500 copies      
LYADRIVE - Another Time, Another Place   Another Time, Another Place CD Minority/One Records (1997) MIN 08 CD 1. Sign Of The Hunted 2. Another Time, Another Place 3. Dangerline 4. One Of These Days 5. Spinning The Wheel 6. Madam Guillotine 7. Fools Paradise 8. White Dress 9. Steal Away The Night 10. Anytime 11. Lazerwind 12. We've Got The Rock 13. Young Lover 14. Here Comes The Night *Tracks 1-11 written in the early 1980s but recorded in 1997 Tracks 12-14 original recordings from 1984
LYADRIVE - Post Millennium Blues   Post Millennium Blues CD self-released (2008) 1. Someone Else 2. Black Waters Rising 3. Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo 4. Vigilante 5. Warrior (Riot cover) 6. Drop the Bomb 7. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover) 8. Colours 9. Sign of the Hunted 10. Madame Guillotine
LYADRIVE - The Sands Of Time Sessions 1982-83   The Sands Of Time: Sessions 1982-83 LP High Roller Records (2008) HRR 025 1. Another Time Another Place 2. We've Got The Rock (You're Gonna Roll) 3. Anytime 4. White Dress 5. Rock Tonight 6. Write Me A Letter 7. Steal Away The Night 8. Young Lover 9. Brave Young Man 10. Spinning The Wheel 11. Fortunes Of War *Limited to 500 copies
LYADRIVE - One Night In London   One Night In London LP High Roller Records (2009) HRR 049 1. Give Me Wings 2. We've Got The Rock (You're Gonna Roll) 3. Here Comes The Night 4. Berlin 5. On A Clear Day 6. We've Got The Rock (live) 7. Another Time Another Place (live) 8. Lazerwind (live) 9. Young Lover (live) 10. Steal Away The Night (live)   *Limited to 300 copies, 200 in red and 100 in black vinyl. *Tracks 1-5 studio recordings from 1981-1984 *Tracks 6-10 live recordings (London 1984)
LYADRIVE - Way Out West (Bootleg City)   Way Out West (Bootleg City) Digital download (2010) 1. Steal Away The Night 2. We've Got The Rock 3. Black Waters Rising 4. Warrior 5. One Of These Days 6. Fools Paradise 7. Another Time, Another Place 8. White Dress 9. Sign Of The Hunted 10. Madam Guillotine 11. Young Lover 12. We've Got The Rock 13. Another Time, Another Place 14. Steal Away The Night 15. Lazerwind 16. Seductress 17. Fortunes of War * Available as a digital download only Tracks 1-5 live British Steel Festival #3 London 2008 Tracks 6-10 live London Astoria 2 April 1999 Tracks 12-14 live Brunel University March 1984
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