Location: Kent | Website: n/a Line Up Chris Thow (v) Mark Dawson (g) - also in Scum Of The Earth, Streamliner, Taste Station Zero, Sneeky, The Plums, Purple Zeppelin,  Danny Fisher, Abbagirls, The Red Hot Plums and Pete Storm Gavin Matthews (b) - also in Dervish Alan Tracy (d) - also in Dervish and Bloodshot Jose Manuel Rodriguez (b) - also in Torpedo and Eva Rock Mark Griffiths (b) Notes: - Active from 1979 until 1982. Played the Marquee several times. - Guitarist Mark Dawson before forming Legend auctioned for The Damned. He has a long history playing in several diverse bands most of them mentioned above. In most of these bands bassist Gavin Matthews was also a member. Mark Dawson also owns Golddust Studios in Kent where some of his past clients were: Motorhead, Angel Witch, Bauhaus, Thunder, Andy Taylor, Jimmy Page, Roger Waters, Lisa Stansfield, The Yardbirds, Samson and many many more. - Appeared on the compilation "Kent Rocks" (LP, White Witch Records, 1981) with 'Heaven Sent'
LEGEND - Hideaway   Hideaway 7" self-released (1981) EJSP 9603 1. Hideaway 2. Heaven Sent        
LEGEND - A.D 1980 A.D. 1980 CD Vinyl Tap (1994) ECD 109411 1. Legend 2. My Heart Is There 3. Forgotten Self 4. Heaven Sent 5. Advantages 6. The Way Loves Meant To Be 7. Fantasy 8. Behind Locked Doors 9. Inside Out 10. Silent World 11. Wooden Sword 12. A.M. Static 13. Favour  

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