Le Griffe

Le Griffe

Location: Stoke on Trent | Website: facebook

Line Up
Chris Hatton (v,g)
Tim Blackwood (g) – also in Expozer
Paul Wood (g) – also in To What End
Kevin Collier (b) – also in Rogue Male
Martin Allen (d)

Amos Sanfillipo (g)
Rob Moseley (b) – also in To What End

– Active from 1980 until end of 1984 achieving a local heroes status by playing quite often in and around their hometown

Demo 1981

1. Who’s Kidding Who
2. Breathe Deeply
3. Sillent Running

LE GRIFFE - Fast Bikes


Fast Bikes

12″ Bullet Records (1983) BOLT 1

1. Fast Bikes
2. Where Are You Now
3. The Actor

*Limited to 2000 copies



LE GRIFFE - You're Killing Me


You’re Killing Me

12″ Bullet Records (1984) BOLT 7

1. You’re Killing Me
2. You’re Killing Me (Radio Play)
3. E.T.A.




LE GRIFFE - Breaking Strain


Breaking Strain

12″ Bullet Records (1984) BULP 2

1. Breaking Strain
2. Breathe Deeply
3. Silent Running
4. You’re Killing Me
5. Movin’ On

*Although Amos Sanfillipo is credited, guitars played by Tim Blackwood