Lady Location: Wakefield | Website: n/a Line Up Stephen Bond (v) John Colbridge (g) Ian Bond (g) Col Broadhead (b) - also in Dirty DC Taff Barron (d) Graham Broadhead (d) Notes: - Marginal entry due to forming around 1984. However, music-wise they appear very much into the whole NWOBHM movement
LADY - Rock Fever   Rock Fever CASSETTE self-released (1984) 1. Rock Fever 2. Alone Again 3. Love's Blind *Recorded on 8 Track at Music Ground Studios, Doncaster, November 1984
LADY - Young Blood   Young Blood CASSETTE self-released (1985) 1. Young Blood 2. Only One Chance 3. On The Rock *Recorded on 16 Track at Billiard Room Studios, Leeds, June 1985
LADY - Mountain Of Madness   Mountain Of Madness CASSETTE self-released (1986) 1. Mountain of Madness 2. Don't Stand Alone 3. S.O.S. 4. Virgin Rock      

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