JJ's Powerhouse Location: Southport | Website: official Line Up Austin Davies (v) - also in Topaz, Alchemy Jon "JJ" Cox (g) - also in Panik Attak and White Heat Dunc Ferguson (b) - also in Aurora Ted Barlow (d) - also in Alchemy Dave Gornall (b) Mick Commons (d) Notes: - Their roots go back to 1977 and an early formation of the band called Quad - Very active band on stage mainly in the North of England with a large following of bikers - Can be found on the compilation "Total Metal Attack" (CD, Old School Records, 2004) with the track 'The Watcher'
Demo 1978 1. The Overlord 2. Thinking Of You 3. Saucers
JJ's POWERHOUSE - Running For The Line   Running For The Line 7" Sillysybin (1983) COX 1657 1. Running For The Line 2. Blackrods *It was ment to be called "Heading For The Line". Due to an error when printing the labels it remained as it is known today *Produced by Gordon Rowley (Nightwing) *During his days with Panik Attak, Jon Cox printed new labels for an unknown number of stock singles and re-market them. The A side was re-named as 'Formula One'  
JJ's POWERHOUSE - The Watcher   The Watcher CD EP self-released (2004) 1. The Watcher 2. Running For The Line 3. Blackrods        
JJ's POWERHOUSE - In More Rock

LP cover

JJ's POWERHOUSE - In More Rock CD-r

CD-r cover

  In More Rock LP High Roller Records (2005) HRR 005 CDr self-released (2006) 1. Outcast 2. Starsoldiers 3. Shout It Out Loud 4. The Overlorde 5. Remember, Remember 6. A Dream In Time's Eye 7. Blackrods 8. Numbers *LP limited to 500 copies
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