JJ's Powerhouse Location:¬†Southport | Website: official Line Up Austin Davies (v) - also in Topaz, Alchemy Jon "JJ" Cox (g) - also in Panik Attak and White Heat Dunc Ferguson (b) - also in Aurora Ted Barlow (d) - also in Alchemy Dave Gornall (b) Mick Commons (d) Notes: - Their roots go back to 1977 and an early formation of the band called Quad - Very active band on stage mainly in the North of England with a large following of bikers - Can be found on the compilation "Total Metal Attack" (CD, Old School Records, 2004) with the track 'The Watcher' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demo 1978 1. The Overlord 2. Thinking Of You 3. Saucers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JJ's POWERHOUSE - Running For The Line   Running For The Line 7" Sillysybin (1983) COX 1657 1. Running For The Line 2. Blackrods *It was ment to be called "Heading For The Line". Due to an error when printing the labels it remained as it is known today *Produced by Gordon Rowley (Nightwing) *During his days with Panik Attak, Jon Cox printed new labels for an unknown number of stock singles and re-market them. The A side was re-named as 'Formula One'   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JJ's POWERHOUSE - The Watcher   The Watcher CD EP self-released (2004) 1. The Watcher 2. Running For The Line 3. Blackrods         ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
JJ's POWERHOUSE - In More Rock

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JJ's POWERHOUSE - In More Rock CD-r

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  In More Rock LP High Roller Records (2005) HRR 005 CDr self-released (2006) 1. Outcast 2. Starsoldiers 3. Shout It Out Loud 4. The Overlorde 5. Remember, Remember 6. A Dream In Time's Eye 7. Blackrods 8. Numbers *LP limited to 500 copies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now on ebay:

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