Location: Pontypool | Website: n/a

Line Up
Geoff Smith (v) – also in GBH
Andy Berry (g) – also in GBH, Tres Hombres and solo
Wayne Williams (g) – also in GBH
Colwyn Knight (b)
LLoyd Davies (d) – also in GBH

Adrian Jenkins (b) – also in GBH

– Welsh band known as GBH from 1977 until the name change in 1981
– As GBH, in 1980 they recorded eight tracks live in the studio. Some of the known titles of this session are: ‘A Million Miles’, ‘666’, ‘Evil Woman’ and ‘Rock And Roll Hero’
– Apart from the demo and the 7″ below, a few other recorded songs are in existance. The demo tracks plus three live takes found their way to the internet and if you search a bit you should be able to find the following download:
1. Can It Be Me?
2. Don’t Need You Honey
3. Can It Be Me? (Live)
4. Trapped In The City (Live)
5. Unbounded Freedom (Live)

Demo 1981

1. Can It Be Me?
2. Don’t Need You Honey

IONA – Don't Cry For The Innocent


Don’t Cry For The Innocent

7″ Loco (1981) 1003

1. Don’t Cry For The Innocent
2. You Ain’t A Lady