Incubus (2) Location: Exeter | Website: n/a Line Up Steve Richardson (v) Conrad Pizey (g) - also in Ego Rising Jerry Pett (g) Ian Thompson (Gnasher) (b) - also in Ego Rising, Fast Breeder, Vortex and The Chillun Baz Perrin (d) Andrew Russe (g) - also in The Chillun and Stick Notes: - Formed by students at Exeter university and had minor success over college and university campuses in the South West of England around the years 1982-1984 - Appeared on the compilation "It's Unheard Of!" (LP, Sane Records, 1984) with two tracks: 'Lost Soul' and 'Way Of The World' - Apart from the above mentioned tracks, it is believed that more songs must exist in the form of demo tapes and live recordings somewhere in some basement.  

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