High Risk Location: Selsey | Website: n/a Line Up Steve Gibbs (v) - also in Ptarmigan Max MacDonald (g) - also in All That's Fction and Ptarmigan Forbes Cook (b) - also in Ptarmigan Kevin Robey (d) - also in All That's Fction Nick Beal (k) Mike Johns (g) - also in Ptarmigan Russell Payne (d) - also in Ptarmigan Martin Wilkins (d) - also in Ptarmigan Chris Jenkinson (k) - also in Ptarmigan Notes: - Active 1980-1983 and very much into the theatrical side of Hard Rock, very influenced by Alice Cooper. - High Risk had female dancers acting naughty on stage and providing backing vocals. Their shows included pyrotecnics, chainsaws and horror effects while the dancers were dressing up as nurses, cheerleaders etc - Played their last saw at the Ruskin Arms on December 1983 - Apart from the discography below there were no other official releases. However, through the years several bootleg and live recordings were circulating via tape-trading and eventually found their way to the internet. If you Google it a bit you will find them
Demo 1981 1. Must Be Crazy 2. I Go To Pieces 3. Rich Kid
HIGH RISK - Must Be Crazy   Must Be Crazy 7" Airship Records (1981) AP 164 1. Must Be Crazy 2. I Go To Pieces 3. Rich Kid      
Demo 1982 1. Don't Sell Yourself Cheap 2. Time Won't Wait

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