Location: Norfolk | Website: n/a Line Up Judi Griggs (v) - also in Roko Karl Dawson (g) - also in Roko Paul Holden (g) Andrew Rix (b) - also in Roko Sean Holden (d) Adrian Rix (k) - also in Roko Brian Savage (d) - also in Roko Mike Melnyk (d) - also in The 4D Scientists Notes: - The history of Ground Zero goes back in 1979 and a band called Roko. In 1981 after a couple of line-up changes they changed the name to Ground Zero. - In 1983 they changed their name to Underground Zero to avoid confusion with a London based R'n'B band of the same name. From this point on, Underground Zero follow a much more distinct Space Rock approach and obtain a career within the Space Rock genre. If you are into some good underground Space Rock check the rest of their career on their official website
Demo 1982 - 4 tracks - unknown tracklisting
GROUND ZERO - Demo 1983   Demo 1983 1. Never Reach The Stars 2. The Electric Palace 3. The Ship Who Sang 4. Run For Your Life *Got some airplay on Tommy Vance's Friday Night Rock Show on Radio One and boosted their popularity
The Official Bootleg 1983 CASSETTE 1. Terminal Project 2. Atomhenge 3. Canes Venatici 4. Robot 5. Master of the Universe 6. Silver Machine *Live recordings featuring Nik Turner from Hawkwind on saxophone on the last two tracks (Hawkwind covers)

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