Location: Norfolk | Website: n/a Line Up Judi Griggs (v) - also in Roko Karl Dawson (g) - also in Roko Paul Holden (g) Andrew Rix (b) - also in Roko Sean Holden (d) Adrian Rix (k) - also in Roko Brian Savage (d) - also in Roko Mike Melnyk (d) - also in The 4D Scientists Notes: - The history of Ground Zero goes back in 1979 and a band called Roko. In 1981 after a couple of line-up changes they changed the name to Ground Zero. - In 1983 they changed their name to Underground Zero to avoid confusion with a London based R'n'B band of the same name. From this point on, Underground Zero follow a much more distinct Space Rock approach and obtain a career within the Space Rock genre. If you are into some good underground Space Rock check the rest of their career on their official website --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demo 1982 - 4 tracks - unknown tracklisting --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GROUND ZERO - Demo 1983   Demo 1983 1. Never Reach The Stars 2. The Electric Palace 3. The Ship Who Sang 4. Run For Your Life *Got some airplay on Tommy Vance's Friday Night Rock Show on Radio One and boosted their popularity --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Official Bootleg 1983 CASSETTE 1. Terminal Project 2. Atomhenge 3. Canes Venatici 4. Robot 5. Master of the Universe 6. Silver Machine *Live recordings featuring Nik Turner from Hawkwind on saxophone on the last two tracks (Hawkwind covers)

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