Flight 19 Location: Halifax | Website: n/a Line Up Aussie (v) Phil Dawtrey (g) Howard Page (g) Andy Smith (b) Tony Ellsgood (d) Notes: - Formed in the summer of 1982 probably in Halifax. - Apparently, there is a 3 track demo, 2 songs recorded in a 24 track studio plus some live recordings. Below is the only info we could find and appears to be writen by guitarist Phil Dawtrey As a five peace they didn't play pubs because they believed in putting on a good show with other local bands. First gig Flight 19 played was in front of 400 at the 'Rocks Revenge' in Halifax with Satanic Rites, Rhabstallion, and Cyka. Just before they were due on stage Andy’s amp failed but all Aussie was worried about were that his new leather strides looked ok. One of their biggest claims to fame was getting the support slot to Mama's Boys along with Baby Tuckoo. After their first three track demo and live recording AUSSIE left the band and eventually went off to live in AUSTRALIA. The rest of the band continued as a four peace and got to record two tracks in a 24 track studio which are very good but by now the original rock idea was changing and Phil left, FLIGHT 19 continued for a number of years as a three peace but it was the original line up that many believe did the best material although the studio CD covers all the whole period 83 - 86. Andy and Phil have been rehearsing and playing the old stuff with a new drummer and it sounds great with a new edge to it. *Note that although a CD is mentioned, there is absolutely no evidence of its existance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery:

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