False Idols Location: Bristol | Website: official Line Up Neil Templar (v) Dave Percival (g) - also in Rough Justice Steve Kershaw (b) - also in After Hours, Honkin' Hep Cats and Stepkanna Paul Bird (d) Dave Thomas (k) Alex Tidmarsh (?) Rich Sonnex (g) Chris Widger (g) Martin (b) Notes: - Formed at the (then) Bristol Polytechnic in 1979 and during their existance they were quite popular around their local University and College sites - There are at least two more demo/rehersal recordings in existance before the demos mentioned below - False Idols appeared on the local TV show "Out West" on HTV - Bassist Steve Kershaw is a lecturer of Greek Mythology at the Oxford University. He has a notable history on the subject of Classical Antiquity as tutor and author. He is also a significant bass player on a few Jazz projects and has won several awards for his Jazz playing
Demo 1 1. Lonely 2. American Nightmare
Demo 2 1. Leaving It All Up To You 2. Visions of You
FALSE IDOLS - Ten Seconds To Midnight   Ten Seconds To Midnight 7" Caveman Records (1981) CMR02 1. Ten Seconds To Midnight 2. American Nightmare            
Demo 3 1. One More Time 2. Look At The Lights 3. No Compromise 4. Please Mr Please
 Demo 4 (unknown tracklisting) *Recorded at Mushroom Studios (Clifton)
Demo 5 1. Centre of Attention 2. Fine Blue Line

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